“Fiscal Cliff” political maneuvering?

Text of letter sent to Rep. Mike Simpson on Dec 5, 2012.

(Represents Idaho’s 2nd congressional district)

Mike Simpson

Dear Mr. Simpson,

News sources today report your statement as: ““I wouldn’t have a problem with letting those tax rates go up,” provided they are coupled with spending cuts, Representative Mike Simpson said.”

Please reconsider. You represent one of the most fiscally conservative districts in the nation. You do not have to engage in the class warfare scam that is part of the so called “fiscal cliff’. Please do what is right and fair, not what may enhance your power status in Washington.
Anytime you single out a group for special taxation, you have started down a slippery slope – where does it end? Suppose that those that have taxable income over $1 million are taxed at higher rate, and that is not enough? Next step would be raise rates on those making over $500K. Then if that is not enough? What then? How about a higher tax on rich white males? Rich hispanic women?
Here is an idea: QUIT SPENDING SO MUCH MONEY!!! You are part of Congress. Congress controls the budget. Do the right thing and work to lower spending. If unable to reach deal to lower spending without raising taxes, then simply let the tax cuts expire. Let the spending cuts kick-in. Sure, it maybe painful, but at least the burden will be shared equally by ALL tax-payers. Is the defense industry donating to your campaign? Maybe the farm subsidy lobby? For the life of me I cannot understand why you would embrace a socialistic ideology of taxing a single group at higher rate simply because they are richer.

If you continue this stance, you can be assured that I will actively work to see that you are defeated in the next election, and are replaced by a representative that will actually represent the fiscally conservative and fair-minded values of the constituents of this district.


Lewis V. Hall

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