Excel “Cannot use object linking and embedding”


Fired up excel today, and got this error:

excel error


I am using Win7 64bit, and Office Excel 2007. A quick google search said I should do the following:

To fix this-

1: start->run and type ‘DCOMCNFG’

2: Open ‘DCOM Config’ and locate ‘Microsoft Excel Application’

3: Set its identity to ‘The Launching User’.

But I don’t have¬†Microsoft Excel Application in the DCOM Config list.

excel error 2

Ran Microsoft Office Diagnostics – no issues found:

excel error 3

Another forum suggested rebooting.Tried that, and seems to have fixed issue. Sure wish I knew what caused Excel to get confused.

Uh oh. It’s back. Started happening again the second time I ran excel.

So I started it in safe mode:

Start – Run -> excel /s

The file opened fine. Shut down excel, and started normally, and the file opened with no error. Maybe something about running it in safe mode one time fixes the problem?


Uh oh. It’s back. Started happening again, and safe mode trick did not work.

From another forum: This can happen if any of the add-ins for Excel is damaged or corrupted. You may disable the add-ins and check if you are able to open Excel without any issues.

In Excel, click on Office Button > Excel Options button > Add-Ins.

Select COM Add-ins from the Manage drop down at the bottom, and click Go

excel error 4

Uncheck all the add-ins and click OK > then close and restart Excel.

excel error 5

For me, the culprit seems to be the Google Desktop Office Addin.

excel error 6

Everything seems to work fine now.

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